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Beginning of the End for Invasive Treatments…

Research has shown we’re moving closer to gentler cancer tests and treatments, moving away from radiation-heavy screening and biopsies. The FDA recently approved the use of ABUS
( Automated Breast Untraound System) this is a life saver for women with dense breast tissue ( 40% of women in the U.S.).Mammograms are useless in detecting tumors in dense tissue, so a woman is four -six times more likely to develop “BC”. ABUS doubles the rate of early detection for women with dense breast tissue , thus early detection can mean a survival rate of 96%.however..
FDA only approved this for women with dense breasts.A bit redundant because ABUS can screen tissue of any type, eliminating painful breast compression,no radiation exposure, and a more thourough exam.This approval does not override the fact women still need to self-examine their breasts on a regular basis, and visit their OB/GYN regularly. It only takes a physician only about five seconds to examine and determine tissue density, making ABUS crucial.
Hope this information was useful, I look forward to hearing comments…and watch for my next blog. “.reading tumors”…


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